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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spera: Part II

The second part of the international collaborative comic Spera is now online at! Join princesses Pira, Lono and the fire spirit Yonder as they continue their journey to the land of Spera. Pink skies, rising hills and hidden caves are just some of magical things they'll come across in this latest installment, the continuation of a story that should sate any reader's desire for adventure.

Part II features the illustrative comic work of Mikkel Sommer, Muura, Sam Beck, Kristin Mukai, Luke Pearson, Eva Vercauteren, Stephanie Holmes, Hotcoffee, Julia Scott, Jack Teagle, Katri Kallio, Christina Siravo, Ramón Sierra, Gisel Gonzalez and Gabrielle Rose. Each individual part of the site is designed by Joel Hentges.

With this update we also introduce the Gallery section, where you can find promotional art as well as preliminary art by the project's artists.