Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perfect Strangers

Here's something that's fun to do when you're bored: listen to the Paul McCartney song 'Ram On' and then listen to 'While You Wait for the Others' by Grizzly Bear (for bonus points listen to just about every other Grizzly Bear song, which seem to have been influenced by 'Ram On' and other old gems).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Accepting Short Story Commissions

As the title says, I am currently accepting commissions to write short stories. These stories will be around 3,700 words, or -- as I tend to think of it -- ten pages in Microsoft Word using Times New Roman 12pt. They will revolve around your original characters and/or the situations they find themselves in. All you need to do is provide me with their backstories, scenes you may have in mind (if any) and any particular guidelines. I will then create an original story that you can do with as you wish -- post on websites, publish in zines -- with the only stipulation being that I am given credit as the writer. Each short will take up to two weeks to write.

These commissioned short stories will be 20$ each, with payments accepted via PayPal ( Other payment options can be discussed.

Four shorts from 2008 (the fantasy/fairy tale of The Light in Glass Flowers, the comedy of The Story of Bogovich and Gregorovich, the angst of Yi Mao Rises to Heaven and the abstract ghost story of For Real, For Serious, For Everything) offer a good idea of my range: [link]

I am also the author of The Untitled Saga of Hana ([link]) and Radar Doesn't Believe In The Supernatural ([link])

Please send me an email if you're interested.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ja Noise - No Shotgun

Two of my wife's friends put together a song for her as a wedding present. The song can be downloaded here. The lyrics are as follows:

No short stories to proofread
No babies to breastfeed
Today you're getting married
Oh, it's your special day
Here's to you "who's Josh?" I've no clue

Sometimes love is so latent
Sometimes love is so blatant
Sometimes love gets you naked
Can't leave that ovum vacant
But wild love like that
Lead to kids and you can't put those back

Marriage is crazy exciting
Marriage is awesomely huge
Marriage took place between Josh and Marisa
Today when they said I do

Damn, you've all full grown
How quick the years have blown
No sign of a shotgun
Kids can wait there's lots of time for that
So for now, just focus on Fat Cat

From single life you are now freed
Proof love's not just a tease
You're geting married
Oh, check that shiny rock
Down the aisle you have happily walked

Living down in London in the famous forest city
With the Whiteoaks with the Westmount damn those malls are oh so pretty
We be driving down wonderland to the Sears Outlet Store
Yo, everyday they get some new deliveries to their door
Yeah this Josh guy we don't know him, is he cool? "I guess." You bet
Cuz Marisa seems to like him and I betcha she knows best
In the houses with the roommates with the boys and with the cat, "what's that?"
That's right, you heard, the truth, the word,
Marisa's got a cat, "say what?"

Marisa's got a cat, "damn straight"
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marisa's got a cat, "hell ya"
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marisa she be cool like that
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marissa possesiez une chat
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Favourite Films in Images

Radar Believes In The Supernatural

That mechanical whir you hear is the sound of a CD ending: with Track 12: Title Track, Radar Doesn't Believe In The Supernatural is now complete. We leave Koi famous, untouched by hard drugs or women of ill repute, a steadily rising star whose only desire is to fill the blackness around him with music.

John Wilkins created both the collage piece that serves as the album cover and the collage piece that serves as the final music track, Dear Sun.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Radar: Dorian Hall for being Koi; Bobby Myers for reading the novel as it was being written, allowing his band to appear in Track 0 and for providing the drawing of which Track 7 is a study; Marisa Williams for editing; all of the artists, including Timothy Weaver, Beryl Chung, Maarten Donders, Jaime Herrera, Ray Jones, Joanna Krótka, Louis Roskosch, Alison Berry, Oliver Hull, Isam Prado, Maaike Verwijs and John Wilkins; and the musicians who added an extra dimension to Radar by allowing the use of their tracks, including chaosmachine, Saskrotch, the Paul F. Savage Orchestra, Dean Cherry, cucum, Mefx1 and John Wilkins.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Old Short

Still In Movement: An Investigation Into A Teenage Romance is up on It is an adaptation of the first part of a novella I wrote with Bobby Myers when we were seventeen. The original novella can be read here for comparison.