Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Radar The Supernatural

Track 6 of Radar is now online. The album cover is by Louis Roskosch, who I consider to be a Nerd Wave artist. His hyper-stylish art incorporates videogame culture, science fiction, fantasy and superhero comic books. Basically, he does with his art what I have been trying to do with my stories.

This track of Radar is the closest I've come to realising my vision of a Commuter Train Story -- essentially a story that takes place on a commuter train, it is more concerned with what's whipping past the train than what's actually taking place inside it. I also tried this with the eighth episode of the second volume of Hana, Caught Between Trains.

I've started up a little rewrite of a story that Bobby Myers and myself wrote when we were about seventeen. I'll post the original story on this blog at some point.

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