Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Spaces Between Things

In my last Radar-related post, I mentioned that a few little surprises would come up in the next couple of months. The Spaces Between Things is one of them -- the first short story to appear on the site since last year. It is a story similar in mood to some of the shorts I wrote from 2004 to 2006, only more ambient and not as cryptic. It's about as cryptic as the reader wants it to be, anyway.

It's no coincidence that the protagonist's first name comes from my middle (yes, my middle name is Will, not William). His thought processes and views on imagination mirror my own at that age.

What are the spaces between things? The spaces between things are just that -- spaces. What's inside an empty space is whatever you put in it, and what you put in it will be different from anyone else.

The art for this short is a wedding gift from the blonde queen cod, Bettina M. George, an absurdist artist whose subjects are always highly fashionable, whether in a snow pea costume or a well-designed shirt. When I think of the artists I want to work with over and over (and over) again, Bettina is always dancing with some remarkable company at the top of the list. Her mixture of elegance and absurdism is tremendously inspiring. Some of her art can be found at ptlaulau.com.

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