Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buy Thulu: The Hot New Graphic Novel By Timothy Weaver

Timothy Weaver is one of my most prolific collaborators, with our first team-up battle being the very second episode of The Untitled Saga Of Hana: Volume 1. Since then I've been coming up with as many excuses as possible to work together.

Timothy Weaver breathes his art. His style is his life. If this man was ever killed in a street, his chalkline would be rendered with jagged lines of ink, the body filled in with gradient half-tones. And such are his autobiographical tendencies that he would probably draw this with his own hand.

If his art wasn't self-referential enough, his sense of humour has a sense of humour about its sense of humour. His dialogue is biting but knows that it's biting -- and so goes on to bite even harder. He is as honest with others as he is with himself.

His new graphic novel, Thulu, is fun, ridiculous, hilarious, beautiful, meaningful, vulgar and a call for people to live as they want to.

You can purchase Thulu here.

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