Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ja Noise - No Shotgun

Two of my wife's friends put together a song for her as a wedding present. The song can be downloaded here. The lyrics are as follows:

No short stories to proofread
No babies to breastfeed
Today you're getting married
Oh, it's your special day
Here's to you "who's Josh?" I've no clue

Sometimes love is so latent
Sometimes love is so blatant
Sometimes love gets you naked
Can't leave that ovum vacant
But wild love like that
Lead to kids and you can't put those back

Marriage is crazy exciting
Marriage is awesomely huge
Marriage took place between Josh and Marisa
Today when they said I do

Damn, you've all full grown
How quick the years have blown
No sign of a shotgun
Kids can wait there's lots of time for that
So for now, just focus on Fat Cat

From single life you are now freed
Proof love's not just a tease
You're geting married
Oh, check that shiny rock
Down the aisle you have happily walked

Living down in London in the famous forest city
With the Whiteoaks with the Westmount damn those malls are oh so pretty
We be driving down wonderland to the Sears Outlet Store
Yo, everyday they get some new deliveries to their door
Yeah this Josh guy we don't know him, is he cool? "I guess." You bet
Cuz Marisa seems to like him and I betcha she knows best
In the houses with the roommates with the boys and with the cat, "what's that?"
That's right, you heard, the truth, the word,
Marisa's got a cat, "say what?"

Marisa's got a cat, "damn straight"
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marisa's got a cat, "hell ya"
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marisa she be cool like that
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!
Marissa possesiez une chat
(callback) Marisa's got a cat!

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